Modern databases and data mining tasks are often faced with costly data retrieval tasks in very high dimensional data. We present an open source implementation of the multi-dimensional indexing method iDistance and our extensions. It includes many customizable algorithm options and a set of basic test files (and dataset) with instructions to use and install […]

ScaDaVer – Schema and Data Versioning System

Managing and accommodating the evolution of database schema (the metadata describing the structure of a database) poses a number of interesting problems. Some of these problems are particularly acute in Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) databases that serve as the data store for large, extremely active data processing systems, especially in systems that use a Software […]

Solar CBIR

The solar CBIR system is the first ever Content-Based Image Retrieval system specifically suited for solar image archives. Our Feature Finding Team (FFT) — part of NASA’s SDO Mission — is currently creating this system and a publicly accessible website to interact with it. Users will be able to use images of interest to search […]