SOLEV- Solar Event Video Generator

SOLEVĀ is a solar event video generation framework that integrates multiple data sources of solar images. This is the first framework that visualizes spatial solar event boundaries of the tracked and interpolated spatiotemporal trajectories over time. The video generator takes the interpolated trajectories as well as images from the SDO from the DMLab server at Georgia […]

SEDIT- Solar Event Database of Interpolated Trajectories

Over the last decade, the volume of solar big data have increased immensely. However, the availability and standardization of solar data resources has not received much attention because of the scattered structure among different data providers, lack of consensus on data format, and lack of querying capabilities on metadata. Moreover, there is limited access to […]

Spatiotemporal event sequences (STESs)

Spatiotemporal event sequences (STESs) are the ordered series of event types whose spatiotemporal instances frequently follow each other in time and are located close-by. Previous studies on STES mining require significance and prevalence thresholds for the discovery, which is often a very difficult even for domain experts. As the quality of the discovered STESs is […]