October 3, 2015 20:21:51


As data miners, members of our lab work on a wide variety of projects. While many projects are directly related to current or past funding, we also support a number of independent projects usually related to thesis work by one of our graduate students. We are always looking for new interdisciplinary relationships at MSU and abroad.

We focus on novel mining techniques and data domains which broaden the scope and push the envelope of data mining science and research, while solving practical tasks which benefit the community using the data. General interests of our lab include: large data, image processing and visualization, Content-Based Image Retrieval systems, data dimensionality reduction and multidimensional indexing techniques, graph-based text mining, and many others.

Below is a list of projects associated with our lab.

  • Tracking algorithm
  • STCOPs and beyond
  • Interpolation methods
  • PG Trajectories