March 9, 2017 03:02:24

SOLEV- Solar Event Video Generation Framework

SOLEV is a solar event video generation framework that integrates multiple data sources of solar images. This is the first framework that visualizes spatial solar event boundaries of the tracked and interpolated spatiotemporal trajectories over time.

The video generator takes the interpolated trajectories as well as images from the SDO from the DMLab server at Georgia State University. There is a range of 10 wavelengths that the user can choose from to generate the video. The user has the ability to request high definition images from the server that can reach 4K pixels. It also allows the user to choose the interval of interest and select the events of interest that s/he would like to see in the movie. The video can be in three different speeds: high, medium or low depending on the interval of time of interest. Finally, the requested videos are uploaded to Youtube in our DMLab channel.


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