July 30, 2016 22:04:15

Rafal Angryk

Dr. Rafal Angryk is a founding director of MSU’s interdisciplinary research group, the Data Mining Lab, which currently has 3 professors, 2 post-doctoral researchers, and 6 Ph.D. students.Dr. Angryk’s current research interests lie in the areas of Data Mining, Databases (Spatial Databases, Fuzzy Database Models), Distributed Systems (Mobile Agents Technology, Distributed Databases), and Computational Intelligence (Fuzzy Expert Systems). He has published over 50 journal articles, book chapters and peer-reviewed conference papers in these areas. His research has been sponsored by the federal agencies: NASA (major contributor), NGA, NSF and industry: Intergraph Corporation,RightNow Technologies, (currently Oracle), with the total of funded grants (where Dr. Angryk participated as PI or Co-PI) currently exceeding $5.8M.